Thursday, September 02, 2010

early arrivals

My gal and I were up bright and early this morning to collect my mum and step-dad who've flown up for the week for a visit - and to help me out. Woo hoo. Although the poor things won't know what's hit them with the mountains of washing {both to-do and to-put-away...}

The gal's having the day off today to recover from her school camp, which coincides just nicely with her grandparents' visit. Hopefully the day will clear up so they can wander down to the beach and do a few fun things. Me? Work. Lots. Best get on with it...


  1. Yay, the Reinforcements have arrived!! My mum and dad arrived yesterday to help me along too. LOML is in Melbourne for the whole week and I was struggling. Mostly with the nights... i wasn't sleeping as I felt it necessary to remain vigil 'just in case'. A guardian against the night. I was driving myself crazy. Last night I slept like a baby (and also with a baby, but that's another story!!). Hope you feel a sense of relief as well. x

  2. Oh lovely, we can breathe sighs of relief together x

  3. So nice when mum arrives to help out! :)


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