Friday, September 03, 2010

friday, on my mind

So, spring came in, popped its head around the corner to say "hi" and then quickly nicked off - what's all that about? Today's grey, drizzly and just a bit blerk - not what I'm after in a start to the weekend.

I'm off to see the surgeon this afternoon, where he'll hopefully tell me I can be treated conservatively and without reconstructive surgery on my knee. I really am dead over it. I did make it to French last night, to sit at a table mouth agape while I realised how much I missed in just one lesson. Past participles = eeep! Luckily my friend also missed last week's lesson, so we could pull faces and shrug our shoulders at each other whenever something new and scary and unintelligible was mentioned {um, that'd be every single word out of our teacher's mouth}.

Father's day and my mother's birthday on Sunday - guess how organised I am for it? Ouch. I'm going to go shopping with my mum and daughter to buy a surprise pressie for hubby - and let mum choose her own present for her birthday, that's the best option.

So, tell me all about your plans for the weekend. Let me live vicariously x


  1. Off to the last Newtown Jets game of the year. Yay! Here's hoping the sun shines. Sorry about your knee. Need to do a commando raid on the shops for Fathers' Day, too. Can't wait.

  2. Oooh good luck this afternoon - will be thinking of you and sending non-reconstructive vibes your way. I am having my exciting secret visit tomorrow night....YAY! Then a quiet day with the gals on Sunday and some friends over for dinner Sunday night. Should be a good one!

  3. I know, where is Spring? Hope you get good news re your knee. Not much planned for the weekend except Sunday (fathers day) of course. Breakfast out and then off to watch Manly's last home game.(another fathers day thing!)xx

  4. Hope you hear what you want this afternoon!!!!!


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