Saturday, September 25, 2010

gratitude is...

I'm playing along with Maxabella today and taking note of all the things I'm grateful for.

♥ I'm grateful that my gal has some beautiful friends who bring out her kind, happy and gentle side. She's had a friend over for a sleepover and they've swum, written letters to fairies, made vanilla hotcakes and been so adorable my heart's swollen to bursting point.
♥ I'm grateful for a garden that encourages visits from fairies who flit between the flowers {the girls have spied quite a few flower fairies in the wisteria this morning}.
♥ That I have an inviting pool to dive into today when the temperature's set to reach 29 degrees.
♥ My holiday that I'm heading off to tomorrow. Ahhhhhhhhh.
♥ That I'm part of a blogging community so embracing - love you guys!


  1. I'm playing along too! It sounds joyous at your place.

  2. I love fairies in the garden... we have them come out at night too...

  3. Lova ya right back! Have a wonderful holiday.

  4. Those little girls made my heart swell a little too. The innocence and imagination of childhood is such a wonderful thing to be grateful for.

    Loving you right back, of course. x

  5. now I want to write letters to fairies, ahhh, sweet!
    happy holidays

  6. What a gorgeous post you have written! I am grateful for your lovely blog, it makes me smile!

    Letters to fairies, holidays, vanilla

  7. Thanks for popping by. Sounds like a lovely garden and a lovely friend for your daughter. Enjoy your holiday.

  8. Beautiful :) sounds gorgeous at your place.

  9. What a lovely list of things to be grateful for. I was a big believer in fairies when I was a child.

    Have a great holiday!


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