Tuesday, September 14, 2010

happy 50th sam i am

Okay, now this is getting ridiculous. It's the 50th anniversary of Green Eggs and Ham! I know!!!

I love this book, it really helped me expand my gal's culinary repertoire. Whenever I was offering her up a new food I'd say, "At least I'm not Sam I Am trying to make you eat green eggs and ham!"

Kids and food are tricky. Oh, so tricky. But it's hardly surprising when you check out how many fusspot adults there are. My gal jokes that I'm just like Maeve O'Maera on Food Safari - I like everything. And it's true, the only food I cannot abide, and it's an obscure one, is Oat Cakes - you know those english biscuits? Erk.

I'm still fighting the battle with my gal to eat green vegies. Every night I'll serve up a small portion of something and insist she gives it a shot {mind you, I'm probably also encouraging her dad to do the same...}. And I'm not offering up limp over-boiled beans. Oh no, the other night it was cabbage with sauteed eshallots and bacon simmered in beef stock {I'd run out of chicken and the beef worked just as well}. Otherwise it'll be broccoli sauteed with garlic, olive oil, lemon and anchovies {smooshed into oblivion - you can taste 'em, but not see 'em}. Or buttered green beans with slivered almonds. Perhaps I should try a few nights of overboiled peas and then she'll be begging for my gourmet greens...

What's your one food loathing?

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  1. We love this book at ours. Can't believe it's been 50 years.

    Personally, I hate peas but I offered them up to the Bebito the other day and he loves them. He is great with his veggies so I'm lucky there but when he gets in a mood it doesn't matter what you offer up, he just won't try it. Kids are interesting with what they will/won't eat aren't they?


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