Thursday, September 23, 2010

harry, harry, harry, harry, HARRY

The new trailer's released today. You just know I'm going to be linking to it don't you {just did - back there - it's on facebook so I presume you have to log in - but you're on facebook aren't you}? If not, try here. Now, I'm a little bit scared that I'm going to spontaneously combust with anticipation about this film - and the fact that it's in two parts? Eep.

Now, today, I have the peskiest job in the world to complete. It's driving me bonkers, but I'm determined to complete it. One more coffee and I'm on it.


  1. Oh my wordy lordy yes. Countdown begins ............NOW

  2. oh i am a little obsessed when it comes to the potter books and films...It takes me away to a special place!

  3. I was so psyched to see this in the new trailer (looking forward to seeing all the Harry's), it looks like they have been very faithful to the book which is always a good thing.

    I know what you mean about spontaneously combusting...I have to force myself not to watch the trailer constantly or read the book over and over in excitement because I'm scared it could become too much and I'll have a stroke! Lol!


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