Monday, September 27, 2010

magnificently monday

Sure, I'm away, in the country, but that doesn't stop me from posting an exquisitely classic pair of pumps does it? {thanks Maxabella for the tips!} These Ferragamo mary janes are so pretty I nearly burst into a spontaneous round of applause when I spied them.

Don't they give you a Mad Men vibe?


  1. Gorgeous. And the technical genius behind scheduling that pic - priceless!

  2. This classic style is one of my all time faves. I like a Mary Jane with the strap built low. Hope you're having a fab break. x

  3. Stunning. Mary Janes are my favourite.

  4. YES, so very MAD MEN...

    I would like to have these very much!

    Enjoy your break

  5. What a beautiful pair of shoes. I want them!

  6. Oh my goodness I love them! But when would I wear them? I need an office to go to that is further away than my kitchen table :(


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