Tuesday, September 21, 2010

party time, excellent

I do love a party. I love to attend one, and oh boy, do I love to plan one. I'm planning one now in fact. Every year the Year Five mothers at our school organise a get-together and a farewell to the Year Six mums. Now, apparently, at the last mums get-together a friend and I put up our hands to organise this years {I still have no memory of this, I was probably in the middle of hugging someone and telling them I love them - I get enthusiastic after a few champagnes...}

So, anyway, this year we're not doing the stodgy sit-down dinner at the local pub. Zero atmosphere and worse, zero opportunity for chatting and having fun. This year we're going to a snazzy new bar upstairs in a snazzy newly renovated pub. It'll be dimly lit, there'll be great wine, bubbles and fabulous finger food. There will be music and, as my knee will be recovered by then, there WILL be dancing.

We're now working out what we can do to set the mood - music-wise and decoration-wise. When it comes to organising a great night out the scene has to be set immediately. You need to feel like you're entering an event: that something special is about to happen. You need a drink in your hand within moments of entering the room and the music needs to hint at what's to come. Everything needs to inspire and excite.

Oh yeah, I can feel a party coming on...


  1. Sounds lovely! I'm happy to plan parties, as long as I don't have to host them in my own house! A glam bar sounds perfect!

  2. Clearly there will need to be tea lights. Lots of tea lights.

  3. I so want to go to a party you organise! Sounds like my kind of night!

  4. I'm with Corrine! I reckon you'd throw a grand bash! xo

  5. I love a good shin-dig myself! I love that image too!

    Now I've got Wayne's World reeling around my brain... thanks :P

  6. Could you please organise a blog party. I will await my invite X


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