Tuesday, September 21, 2010

penny-pinchin' for paris

Well, last week's pantry cooking went really well. I managed to get a number of meals cooked from my pantry: salmon, potato and corn patties {with six leftover in the freezer for another meal}, chicken schnitzel and last night's chicken and chorizo risotto {and my gal's risotto cakes for lunch - leftover risotto mixed with egg and smooshed in a patty pan and studded with cooked chorizo and baked for 15 minutes till crispy}.

So this week it's petrol-saving. Every petrol station has a cheap night - a time when the price per litre can sink by as much as 10 cents. That's the night to fill up. Once a week, or fortnight if you're like me and don't use the car very often, fill up your car on the cheap night - even if it's still got half a tank of fuel {that way it'll run more efficiently too - it takes more power to suck up fuel in the bottom of the tank}. Don't forget your fuel vouchers and if you've got a Coles Express like me, stock up on your milk and bread while you're there {they're heaps cheaper than a the supermarket - two x two litre milk = $5, and then if you spend a little money in store you get even more off your petrol}.

Keep an eye on your local petrol station for the prices - check whether they go up at the weekend, and down on a Tuesday or Wednesday. It will save you plenty.


  1. Look at you! Queen of budgeting in glamorous shoes. Good advice all round. Getting you closer to Paris.

  2. Saturday morning is now becoming the low point in the cycle. There has been a couple of articles in the paper about it and I have found it to be quite true in sydney.

  3. Thanks Anonymous, we're still on Tuesday nights here - but thanks for the heads-up!

    LIAPF I most certainly am!

  4. Your pantry is infinitely better than mine if you're coming up with those sort of meals!

    I can't imagine doing the petrol thing - yet another thing to schedule - but I'm mightily impressed with you!!! I feel like I'm visiting Simple Savings. x


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