Tuesday, September 28, 2010

penny pinching for paris

I truly think that the best way to save money is never to see it in the first place. We organise for a chunk of funds to be paid directly off our mortgage, and whenever there's a windfall it goes straight into the home loan. Now I'm setting aside a portion of funds toward our holiday. We've worked out a budget {a realistic once, hence, a scary one} which is so easy to do with the internet.

It's easy to see how much our accommodation is {particularly if you book it in advance} and to check out the exchange rate and work out approximately how much you'll be spending on meals and activities {again, easy to see on-line how much a lunch or dinner is at a chosen restaurant}. Then it's a matter of putting aside a wee bit more for 'chance' and going from there.

We're also not really going to spend much on each other this Christmas. Instead, I want Euros to spend in France. I'm really trying to make it my mantra "Do I need this, or could this money be better spent in Paris?" Every time I choose a meat or product that's on sale I consider the savings as funds toward my trip - it makes saving that much more satisfying.

Do you have any savings hints that you've learned over the years?


  1. One thing I do is I say to myself 'How many hours wold I have to work to pay for this" If it is days I will then say that is ridiculous and won't buy it. Especially clothes I am over spending a fortune on clothes that in up in the donate bag. Charmaine

  2. Oh yes, while the dollar is so hot, try to book & pay for as much as you can now!!
    We were in Italy in July & it was pretty good but now the dollar is super strong.
    Use supermarkets for as much food as you can - on our honeymoon in France (um, 13 years ago) we lived on bread, ham & cheeses, so cheap.
    If you can time your trip with the sales (January/ July) don't buy a thing - go with as litlte clothing as possible & buy up big. BUT check your baggage allowance, either that or your powers of distraction by stuffing all your heavy things into your carry on & make it look light so they don't weigh it!!
    Also mark out the stores you want to visit, go to them first, then any other great finds are a bonus!!
    If you travel to the north of France (Sommes), they love Australians, start every conversation with "Je suis Australian" & they'll love you. My husband is a soldier & wow, did he get treated like royalty, they love us because of what our soldiers did on the Western Front in WW1.
    Finally, if your travel partner isn't a shopper (husbands can be great for this) just tell them you're using their luggage allowance & spending allowance too. It's France, how soon are you going back??
    Bon Voyage, love Posie

  3. Look at you just posting away while you relax!

    I think it's great that you're working so hard to get euros for Paris. I am so hopeless at working towards monetary goals that I have nothing whatsoever to offer. x

  4. That is the best way to save! You're sounding very sensible today!

  5. Fantastique! a trip to France is worth all that penny pinching. Sounds like you've a good head on your shoulders in regards to money. I find that staying away from the supermarket is great for saving money ... if I go in for a couple of things, I usually come out $50-70 poorer.
    When do you set off?

  6. I'm hopeless at saving, unless, as you say, I don't see the money first. I have multiple ING accounts linked to our bank account and I just set up automatic deductions to come out on the day of our pays, that way we never really see the money anyway, and it takes 24 hours for the money to clear back into my bank account, which for me, being a big impulse buyer, is a good thing, having that cooling off period!

    It works really well for electric n water bills too. I just have a set amount come out every month which means each quarter when the bill comes I've already got the money and I didn't even notice.

    Good luck with it!


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