Thursday, September 23, 2010

perfectly pretty

I'm having a wee bit of a floral crush on ranunculas at the moment. Kind of a cross between peonies and roses, these delicate little blooms come in just the perfect palette of prettiness. I'm itching for a bunch of these to brighten up my bench - particularly as I have a pale blue milk glass vase that'd just make them pop!


  1. Oh I adore ranunculas!! The image is gorgeous!

    I have a Giveaway by the French Basketeer that I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  2. Ohhh they are pretty! I love flowers. I love spring.

    My favourites are gardenias and orange blossom. MMmmm

  3. Ranunculas have the best name! My bulbs failed this year so I need to look into that!! x

  4. I love ranuculas! They always remind me of my mum.

    They're just so feminine and pretty. x

  5. Very worthy crush! How pretty they are!

  6. I've always loved them. I strew dozens around the garden last year, forgot to get them in in time this year. Next year will be a bumper crop!

  7. Wow! Look at those colours! Beautiful!


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