Thursday, September 09, 2010

photo face

So, I'm getting my legs waxed this morning, chatting with my beautician about this and that when I'm struck with the realisation that my driver's license was due for renewal. Last month. Whoopsies. Luckily I've been unable to drive for most of that period. So, with legs freshly waxed I tripped off to the RTA, slicking on a coat of red lipstick and some mascara to make myself presentable....

Were you aware there are new rules for license photos? Such as no smiling - eek! Head straight on to camera - double eek. Hair away from face - are you freakin' kidding me? Now, I'm smiley. I like to smile - particularly in photos, you know, it's a sign of friendliness. And the first rule of taking a good photo is never to face front on, you always need to tilt your head - jeez, they let you do that in mugshots {if Paris Hilton's recent is any indication...} And finally, if I can't smile or tilt my head at least let me frame my face with my hair...

So, sigh, I now have a license for five years that looks worse than a mugshot. I had to push my head right to the back of the chair so my neck looks like a rugby player's - noice. At least I had my lovely red YSL lippy and had dyed my hair last night - gotta be thankful for small mercies.


  1. I know what you mean! They must see some shockers in the RTA!

  2. How annoying, I didn't realise there is stupid photo rules.

  3. I've seen you in person and I KNOW that you do not have a rugby player neck.

    I look like a Prison warden in my shot. Enough said.

  4. I have a young face and I look about 12 years old in my photo!

    Passport photos are the same now too. I remember once having a passport photo taken and I asked the lady "How did the photo turn out?"

    She replied "At least you are looking at the camera with your eyes open"... That good huh! Hahaha

  5. I know Jacki, I think it's to add humour to their days, can't say I blame them.

    Yeah Kelly, it's a new one!

    Beth, um, sorry, but I do have photographic evidence and you saw me through a champagne haze which obviously has neck-slimming-properties {amongst so many other attributes!]

    Eyes open huh Sam, they're not exactly aiming high are they? Damn, I'm also due to renew my passport... guess I'll try for the red lippy thing again - at least my lips look good!


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