Thursday, September 09, 2010

quothe the raven

You know how much I do love an excuse to dress up - so check out this piece of exquisitely fabulous Halloween costume couture I found over at

Magnifique non?


  1. I want one!
    My kids would think I totally rocked Halloween x

  2. Those cuffs! They have divine feather cuffs at Allanah Hill at the moment, my friend Daisy bought a pair and has been wearing them constantly - even to yoga!! It made me sooo happy!

  3. Oh Rianna, stop it - feathered cuffs? Even the idea makes me happy!

    Kelly, extra cool huh!

    Belinda, oh yes indeed - the coolest mum around!

  4. I'm loving all but the beak. It's very Gagaesque.


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