Wednesday, September 01, 2010

spring fling

How do I love Spring, let me count the ways...

♥ The flowers
♥ The delicate warmth
♥ The promise
♥ The subtle change in the light
♥ The longer days
♥ The chance to change the menu
♥ Flirty frocks

You? ♥


  1. Oh, love Spring to pieces. I like both the 'shoulder' seasons more than the other seasons. For me Spring is all about the scented breeze that wafts in, renewing, caressing and holding such promise. Oh, and wine on the balcony as the light fades of an evening. That's my favourite part of all. x

  2. I love this post. I heart spring and all the things you mentioned.
    Your blog rocks. X

  3. I love spring too as it's so full of promise. A shame that over here we now have to go through autumn and winter before we see spring again.

  4. Maxabella - me too! Oh, wine on the balcony = bliss.

    Belinda, thank you so much - that's just gorgeous x

    PhotoPuddle - at least you have autumn to look forward to - my second-favourite season.


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