Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I've blogged before about my inability to make tea. See, I'm impatient and never, ever let it draw long enough to give me the rich hit I need.

However, if I had Karl hanging out on the side of my cup, well, I'd become a rich tea addict in no time at all... {available at Colette}


  1. So funky! I'm a little uncouth - I leave the darn thing in there. Yummy and strong!!! {all works OK until you over sip and the soggy, hot teabag flips all over your face - nooice!}

  2. how cute!

    My mum makes the best tea is all about having the patience, I think. And I do not have it!

    Whenever mum offers me a cup of tea, I know I am in for the best...

  3. Ditch the teabag, buy yourself a gorgy teapot and savour the ritual. A little fresh lemon and honey and heaven

  4. That is hysterical. I'd be worried about Karl hanging around in all that hot water...

  5. They are just too cool! I Love em! I may have just found a great Christmas gift idea, thanks!


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