Thursday, September 16, 2010

travelling in my imagination

To take my mind off the overwhelming amount of work I have to do today I allowed my mind to venture into thoughts of what I want to do in Paris. Well, I want to visit the Laduree Bar on the Champs Elysee that's for sure. See that bar stool there? I do believe I need to perch on that - macaron in one hand, champagne in the other.

This time, our third time in Paris, I'm ignoring the guide books. I don't care if it's cheaper to stand at the bar and sip an espresso, I'm going to ensconce myself in a chair right out the front and sip a cafe au lait and people-watch. I'm going to a fabulous bar and sipping champagne and I'm going to dive into the sales and come home with one garment with an Agnes B label in it.

But for today, I'm going to work. Every word I write gets me that much closer to Paris...


  1. I'm day dreaming about Paris now, thanks to your post. Sounds like heaven your a lucky duck :)

  2. What fabulous inspiration!

    I'm with you, you're not in Paris every day so soak it up the best way you can!

  3. I can't WAIT to see the very photo of you in that very stool with that very glass of champagne in hand (even if it is a bad phone shot). I say GO FOR IT.


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