Monday, September 06, 2010

woo hoo shoe

Now, you know I have to attend a black-tie ball on Friday night, and you know that I was inconsolable about having to wear flat shoes {le sob, le sigh} but look what I've found.

Yesterday we went to Morpeth, my first outing in what seems like months {but was only weeks} and in a store my eyes alighted on the first pair of flats ever to elicit a squee from me. One pair, in my size, in a colour so perfect I could cry {I've photographed them on the skirt I'm wearning, and see how beautifully the grey of the shoes matches the grey trim on the skirt? Same material and everything!!!} They've even got a hint of a heel {1cm maybe} so they don't feel totally flat and frumpalicious.

Happy days!


  1. About time you get some squeeeee! They are FAB and the perfect match. Well done!

  2. Is it wrong that I want to lick the screen??

  3. Great news on getting out of the house and not for a medical appoinment.

    I think the shoes and skirt go brilliantly together. Excellent find! If I con;t remeber to say it later, I hope you have a great time at the ball.

  4. Sartorial Satisfaction!! That could actually be the name of our band...

  5. Happy day! That's definitely a pairing meant to be. x

  6. Thanks gals, I'm so damned excited!!!

    Beth, sounds like it was the perfect shopping weekend - if only I too had tried on frocks!

    Kelly - they are, and perfectly shaped to my foot {feet which I've been looking at far-too-much lately}

    Mrs Woog - no, it's oh-so-right.

    E. Thanks - very excited at the perfect match!

    Rianna, you are right. Now, just to be able to play some instrument...

  7. Oooh, Maxabella, we commented at the same time!

  8. These are really pretty and I didn't even realise they were flats when i first saw the photo.


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