Saturday, September 18, 2010

woo hoo weekend!

Hey, Saturday, how's tricks? You are lookin' gooooooooood. After a week of working frantically I'm going to reward myself for my labours with a few hours of doing absolutely NOTHING today. Hubby's off at golf till after lunch and my gal's off to a picnic in the park at 11am. So for a couple of hours in the middle of the day I'm going to go up to the pavillion, loll on the daybed and read. And maybe look at the sky... That's it. I'm not going to:
• Wash clothes
• Mop the kitchen floor
• Water the gardens
• Weed
• Tidy the bedroom
• Wash the car...

Nope, all those tasks can wait for a few hours. Today, just for a wee bit, it's going to be all. about. me!

PS: I'm playing along with the fabulous Miss Maxabella today. Today I'm grateful that I had all that work that made me so frantic over the last few weeks. I'm grateful there's more coming, and I'm grateful for my gorgeous gal who's excitedly frocking up for a picnic. Bless.


  1. That's definitely a thing to be grateful for!!! x

  2. Oh can I come over - sounds like heaven!

  3. ......... and I'm grateful that you posted that pic. lol! How cool is that? Love it. So glad that you've got a great day planned. I'm feeling 'super' happy about the sunshine we're FINALLY getting so I might go outside now, ciao. :)

  4. That pic is gorgeous...I would have loved a tent like that when I was a kid :)
    enjoy your weekend!

  5. Sounds like heaven! I love the picture, I want to crawl in that beautiful space and read my book.

  6. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS! Enjoy the break - you deserve it!

  7. What a lovely day you have planned! I love a day that is wonderful for the things we aren't doing, rather than for the things we are doing...

    Enjoy xo

  8. Oh my gosh. I want that tent in the photo just for me!

  9. Please can I borrow your tent to climb in and find my inner zen? I seem to have lost it somewhere. Gorgeous that you had some me time. Well deserved.


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