Wednesday, October 13, 2010

aaaaand, back to bed

Ouch. Have a migraine. Developed last night, and has refused to abate despite drugs and sleep - so more drugs and sleep it is.

See you tomorrow x


  1. Do get well soon. It's quiet without you.

  2. oh get well soon....I had a headache last night but thankfully it has passed with an early night in bed...

    Feel better xo

  3. You poor thing ... Migraines - well they just suck! Hope you're all better soon.

  4. I hate migraines. They ruled my life a few yrs ago.

    Rest up. Dark room. No light. And when you start to feel better, try and have a big greasy / salty feast. It ALWAYS helps me!


  5. That sucks. Hope you feel better soon x

  6. I hope your feeling better today love x

  7. Thanks Deborah x

    Jen, I do thank you x

    Gill, glad you cut yours off with an early night x

    Lizelou, oh indeed they do! x

    Sam, I was saying to my husband we need shutters on our bedroom windows, our blinds don't cut out anywhere near enough light! I did have sugary cravings when I finally got up - so some jelly snakes and a mexican feast helped! x

    Photo Puddle - thank you x

    Belinda mwuh x


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