Sunday, October 17, 2010

all fired up

We went to friends' house for dinner last night {an absolutely delicious Jamie Oliver-inspired meal of roasted chicken, vegies and white beans - I must have the recipe - it was divine!}. Along with all the chatting, eating and {ahem} drinking, I also found the time to fall in love. See, our friends are also Mac-fiends, and their love runs even deeper and truer than mine. They have iPhones, iMacs {including the adorably retro coloured-belly mac!} and, le sigh, an iPad.

Now remember how I said I'd be sensible and look into buying a laptop to take with me OS? Changed my mind. I need an iPad. I tested out the screen-accessed keypad and was easily able to type a few sentences, even after a fair bit of champagne and with fingernails too long to type properly {I miss netball because I always trimmed my nails weekly to play - now I tend to forget...}

Apparently you can buy a dock that contains a keyboard - sold!

Oh, iPad, you must be mine...


  1. I too come from a Mac family, we have iMacs, G5s, iPods, MacPro laptop and hubby got me an iPad for my last birthday. I love it so can recommend saving your pennies to buy one. xxx

  2. I want an ipod and an ipad too, just need to talk my husband into it.

  3. I keep poo-pooing the iPad and then every time I see the ad I want one. Yes, I want one!

  4. My Mum (yep you read that correctly. all 67 years of her) bought herself an iPad. It is awesomeness. Total awesomeness. It is on my wishlist :)

  5. Hi,

    Just spied your blog and believe we're kindred spirits -- both shoe fetishists, same girly blog background, both writers, Apple product fanciers... Separated at birth?

    Love, love, love your blog!

    Stop by mine, Becks and the City, if you get the chance:

    We should join forces and rule the world. ; )

    ~ Beck

  6. MAC fans here too! Our main computer is a Mac, and both Hubby & I have Mac laptops. Hubby has an iPhone, and I REALLY want one.

    I'm kind of intrigued by the iPad, but wonder if I'd need it seeing I have the laptop? Not sure. But very, very tempted. ;)

  7. I've got an eyepad. It's taped over my freakin' eye to stop it from getting damaged while I'm paralysed.

  8. Ooh, I'm still prevaricating. I'm more a Luddite (I did a post on it) but I do see the attraction...J x

  9. We are big Mac fans in our place. Mac computers, phones, iPad etc
    Love love love them.
    Yes, you can get a keyboard for iPad X

  10. A tragic Mac household are we......a big G5 which overlooks all in the hearth of the home, a G4, a lampshade, a MacPro laptop, 2 i Phones....whoah soundskind of revoltingly consumery when I write ti down- most of them are 2nd hand form a fab store in Melb that does AMAZING deals that ckearly I can't resist.
    My obsession started back in my photographer days.....and I am a sucker for beautiful design.
    Macs were my first computer- put me at a PC and I would have NO IDEA!
    The thing I love about Macs is that they are fab for the techno un-savvy......they make us look as if we know what we are doing! AWESOME RUSE!
    I really wanted an iPad as hubby takes the laptop when he travels and I like to surf on the couch!
    Lets face it an ipad is necessary for that!
    I am loving it for reading books in bed via the Amazing kindle app- books are as cheap as FREE- yes really!
    So...hubby indulged me for my upcoming bday¡
    I LOVE IT!!!!


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