Thursday, October 21, 2010

and repeat...

There are many things about this week I'm not liking - the world's most horrid and annoying job not working out like it should {instead, unsurprisingly, it worked out horrid and annoying to the end} and so many other niggly bits and pieces. I'm going to learn from them and then put them behind me - before moving forward.

I'll be needing some words to help propel me - and I think I quite like these. What's done is done, spending time fretting over it won't change it. Accepting it, learning from it and moving on is the best way to live a well-lived life.


  1. Sorry to hear you're having a bad week :(
    Love those inspirational words though, so true xx

  2. What a great poster with so much to inspire, thanks so much for sharing it.

    Here's to a better 'end to the week' and a brilliant weekend doing something that you're passionate about.

    x Felicity

  3. Thanks Simone, I think these weeks just need to come along every now and again to ground us x

    Felicity, thank you - and you're more than welcome x

  4. Hope the next 2 days fly by! Just think of that glass o' rose...hang in there x

  5. Let's hope this is the turning point of the week and all is good from here on in.

    Great words. Take care x

  6. Here's hoping the week ends well, weekend is great and the new one much better than the last! xx.


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