Friday, October 08, 2010

friday flowers

Today I'm going to love this day so much I'll want to marry it.

I'll be carrying this bouquet naturally.


  1. They are beautiful! I love those colours....

  2. Just delicious. I don't do marriage but I'd consider changing my mind if it meant I could carry them.

  3. A perfect simple photo if only life was that perfect! Charmaine (it is most of the time) LOL

  4. Makes me want to buy one of those bouffy big flower broaches! Hope Saturday and Sunday are wonderful too.

  5. I love david austen roses..! And runiculas - anything bulbous actually - whimsical and romantic.. bliss!

  6. Alliecat, those colours are just delicious aren't they?

    Curvaceous Queen, I think it's worth a re-think ;)

    Fairchildstreet, I know, it often isn't, but a bit of wishful thinking may help it be so.

    Boofy broaches are the BEST!

    Me too Liss - perfection!


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