Friday, October 15, 2010

friday flowers

I do love Crepuscule roses - their pretty peach faces look ever so lovely rambling all over buildings and arches. Before our wisteria took off I was thinking about replacing it with a crepuscule rose, but now I'm far too deeply in love with the pendulous violet blooms - as fleeting as they are.

It's another grey and murky day here - why does Australia turn on the worst weather when we have overseas visitors? My gal also has a pool party to attend this afternoon - although a bit of grey sky's never put a child off a swim. But I hope for the birthday gal's sake that the sky clears before the party.

Aaaah, Friday. Gotta love the day that signals a weekend!


  1. I cannot for the life of me get my roses to grow. I've been plugging away for a year and I've even got a gardener these days and still... stems with a random leaf here and there. My theory is bandicoots.

    Have you noticed that these days Sydney weather is pretty mucky in general?? We're not doing too well at all. Surely the dam levels are skyrocketing? x

  2. I've had the possums nibbling at mine! Have you tried monthly alternate feeding? Chicken manure followed by cow manure, followed by dynamic lifter, followed by rose booster? Mixing it up seems to spark them into life.

    I know, weather driving me nutso - even though I do understand that it's typical 'spring' weather.

  3. Love the pic, very pretty. This weather is terrible, so over the grey. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  4. Thanks Simone - isn't it tough to rise above the grey though? Eep!

  5. This "friday flowers" are pretty! I love it. I also have friday flowers in my garden. Anyway, thanks for sharing.



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