Monday, October 04, 2010

game for a giggle

How could I resist these? C'mon, heels with a mohawk? Priceless! Yves Saint Laurent sure know how to whip up a shoe - and considering I'd just come off watching Glee when I found these, they were a no-brainer to feauture {shoes that remind you of Puck every time you look down? Mmmmm}

So, it's a public holiday in part of the country today, but public holidays don't apply to freelancers - especially freelancers who've just returned from a week's holiday. Nope, I'll be working today. Enjoy your monday - whether you're on holiday or not!


  1. Those shoes totally remind me of Pluck.
    I hope you get to enjoy some pretty whilst working.

    Nice to have you back. You little break sounds divine X

  2. Thanks lovely, it was the most beautiful holiday - x

  3. I am laughing, what can I say about those shoes. Charmaine

  4. This made me laugh...I love GLEE, it always makes me smile...and I loved it when Puck sang Sweet Caroline to Rachel..ahh, the bad boy with a sweet heart...

    just like these shoes perhaps? sweet soul with just a touch of rebel?

    Hope you get plenty of work done, enjoy your day x


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