Friday, October 22, 2010

hear me roar

As a Leo, astrologers often suggest that I'll feel my most glamorous in animal prints but I've never been a lass to douse myself in leopard. However, when I saw this outfit on the lovely Livia I changed my mind. I could do this - particularly the accessories {and yes, I am talking about the lovely Mr Firth...}.

Love everything about this look - the shoes, the top, the hair, the lippy - the length and fullness of the skirt. Oh, and Colin Firth... {le sigh}


  1. I do love animal prints, but I have never worn them myself.

  2. I have not been one for wearing animal prints...although I have often been impressed by those who can pull them off.

    This is lovely though.

    Oh and the outfit is nice too!

    Gill xo

  3. I'm not one for animal prints either but... reow! I love that look!

  4. She does leopard very well (a definate leap up from the short, tight belt-like skirts I am used to seeing in animal prints). And has fine taste in men too.


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