Friday, October 22, 2010

i'm gonna put on, my boogie shoes...

Well, at least a low-ish pair of heels... Yep, tonight's the night of our school mother's night that we've been organising and it looks like everything's fallen into place. We've got bigger numbers than they've seen in years, we've bought lovely french sparkling wine as a farewell gift for the mums who are leaving {rather than paint-stripper nasty stuff} and I do believe I even have a frock or two in mind.

Because we changed both the venue and the format for the evening {from a two course sit-down dinner at the local pub to finger food and champagne at a gorgeous new bar in town} I was worried we'd have a backlash from those expecting 'tradition'. However, as I said to a friend yesterday, traditions should really only be celebrated if they're successful and fun. While the other years have been fine, the venue couldn't offer us Friday nights - only midweek - and who wants to go out midweek and then have to get up for the school lunches the next day? Not this little black duck. Also, the sit-down format meant that there little opportunity for mingling and chatting - the real point of the evening.

So tonight there will be mingling and chatting. There'll also be a bar that's filled with cocktails and a really good variety of wines and spirits. There will also be plenty of food circulating - and some traditions will still stand {speeches from a few mums who're leaving, presentation of gifts to the mums and even coffee and tea available for the non-drinkers}

Off to paint my nails now {and my gal's who's on a pupil-free day today}. Wish me luck x


  1. Ooh, have fun. Is the knee up to standign around all evening yet?

  2. Thanks E. There are dozens of gorgeous leather chesterfield lounges and barstools dotted around the place so I'll be fine {fingers crossed!} x


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