Friday, October 15, 2010

it gets better

I am loving this new project where famous faces are putting themselves forward to tell teens who are being bullied, ostracised or are experiencing any difficulties due to their sexuality: "It Gets Better". Their messages are heartbreakingly honest and I've found it hard to watch any without shedding a tear. Tim Gunn is spectacularly honest in his video, and if even one teen is helped by his words it's been a massive success.

Chatterbox Sara has written a beautiful post over on her blog that covers this subject in far more detail: check it out.

Here's hoping that our children grow into a world that practices tolerance, love and understanding - regardless of any differences of sexuality, colour, looks or practices.

Along with hoping we can do our best to raise children who not only aspire to these ideals - but will be brave enough to stand up for them too.


  1. Love that pictures, sounds like a great movement!

  2. The sad thing is that children are born open and accepting. They only learn hate and prejudice from the adults around them :(

    This is a fantastic idea.

  3. I keep seeing these, is it anti bullying?? As a really hands on mummy i know my 4 are bully free at school. I was lucky enough to cruise through school (was a nice school) unmarked, but i can only imagine how traumatic it would be nowadays with cyber bullying. My eldest is about to start high school & she's comfortable with not being allowed to use FaceBook, we have completely different reasons for it, nothing to do with bullying, but privacy. It's something you have to keep on checking, things change all the time. I see some bullied children at school & while their mothers are totally on top of it, the schools still want to put their head in the sand. It must be horrible for the whole family. Some of us are bright & sunshiney, but still aware of the nasties. Love Posie

  4. Hear, hear - we all need to be tolerant, accepting, understanding and non-judgemental - especially as parents - for are we not role models as our children grow. Beautiful post xxx

  5. I wrote an article on this one and discuss this issue often with other parental unit type friends. There are a vast majority of people where I live who do not understand, nor tolerate, this area of human culture. I have always thought it is not only a biological and genetic thing- whom who prefers to have relations with and such. We are especially tolerant in this household to all sorts of 'alternative' lifestyles.

    Other parents have asked me what I would do if my children are LGBT of some such order. It's astonishing to me that this is even a question. I guess I have always understood my duty as a mother is to teach my children that they are who and what they are. If my child is gay, then my child is. This doesn't change my love or view of my child.

    We started early with Eva on thkis very idea. We have always said, whether you love a man, a woman, or both, you love who you love. Love isn't something that can be molded into conformity. We also tell our children that who you are is important and that it is equal for you to stand up and be proud of your individuality.

    Vis a vis, there is always a cost to being whom or what you want to be. As I have had so many friends who are LGBT and who have struggled with their fear and intolerance of what their choices are, I do know that if my kids chose their sexuality as something 'outside the norm', they will always face challenges. We all do for most choices we make.

    There is no shame in being LGBT or being anything that is outside the norm as long as you are wiling to stand firm in your choice and not allow others to define you. I hope my children know, deeply in their hearts, that their parents accept and understand no matter what.

    My mother put it best a few years ago when I had some hard decisions of my own to make and life was being exceptionally cruel. She said "You always have a home, a place, with me." I hope that more kids can find someone who will say that to them as well.

  6. P.S. THANKS for making me want a corn syrup laden artificially flavored rainbor lollipops. THANKS LINDA.


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