Monday, October 11, 2010

meal-planning monday

Woohoo, school's back! Now we can get back into something resembling normality. Starting with meal-planning: here's what we're eating this week.
Tonight: twilight netball resumes, so it's an easy, thrifty dinner. I've removed some salmon patties from the freezer and we'll have them with salad. Perfect!
Tuesday: We'll be eating the pork roast I bought from the markets but didn't have time to cook last night as we were out visiting until late.
Wednesday: Chicken and chorizo pasta bake.
Thursday: French lessons resume, and then I'm off to a party afterwards {I know!} So I'll put a beef curry in the slow cooker for the boy and the gal. There'll be plenty leftover for a thrifty freezer meal next week.
Friday: Now the weather's warming up I want to start bbq Fridays. I'm thinking some fish on the bbq with a thai salad on the side.
Saturday: Steak and salad will be easy/peasy.
Sunday: Roast chicken and vegies {normal meal traditions will resume...}

I also need to get in and do some school lunch baking. I'm thinking pizza scrolls {puff pastry, pizza sauce, cheese, diced onion and bacon, rolled up and baked.} Luckily I bought a yummy banana bread at the markets yesterday so it's been sliced and individually-wrapped and frozen. I love having options in the freezer ready to load up the lunchbox - the more the merrier.


  1. This is a very timely post as I'm about to sit down and do our fortnightly shopping list and the first part of that is the 2 week menu!
    I'm bordering on boredom with what we've been having and you've given me some great tips.
    I didn't know that you could freeze salmon patties [hooray!] and you've reminded me about the joys of cooking fish on the barbie.

    Thank you!!!!

    x Felicity

  2. Well I'm hoping you can freeze salmon patties - this will be my first attempt - can't see why not though - everything in them is freezable...

    Glad I've helped inspire you a little - as you inspire me x

  3. One thing I just realised about starting a 'hard core' diet programme that mainly consists of fish or steak and lots and lots of salad - less meal planning, less shopping and hopefully less me by the end of it all!! x

  4. Good luck Maxabella - and you've gotta love salad weather! {although ours seems to have gone into hibernation for a bit...}

  5. Your organisational skills are astounding! Here in Canberra it's still a few weeks away from barbecuing I'm afraid :(

  6. I too am about to sit down and plan out weekly meals. I love the sound of the chicken bake - is it simple?
    We are part of a co-op that delivers fruit and veg but it is always a mystery as to what we will get so my weekly plan can be a bit of a puzzle to figure out how to use everything. We got a lot of snow peas this week - any ideas?


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