Thursday, October 14, 2010

my baby's a buddy!

It feels like only yesterday when my gal went off to Kinder Orientation to meet her 'buddy' - and today she's training to be a buddy herself! She's desperate to meet her little kinder friend and to guide her through that first school year.

Today's an out of uniform day for Buddy Training and my gal's looking cute-as-a-box-of-buttons in shades of pink and green {right down to green toenails, bless!}. In just a few short weeks she'll meet her lil buddy - can't wait!


  1. Oh my! I know that the next years are going to fly by with Daisy...trying to soak it all up in amongst those tantrums and tude!

    Hope you are feeling better today lovely? The sun is shining here at least...will soak some up for you x

  2. That's so sweet. My daughter Alex loved being a buddy too.

  3. They do Beth, scarily so! I am feeling better today - thank god. Damn migraines suck...

    Kelly, she's been looking forward to it since year 3 bless her.

  4. Once they get to school it's like Hermiones' time traveller.

    I'm sure she'll be a fantastic buddy.

    Glad you're feeling better.

  5. I know Curvaceous Queen, once she was this chubby cheeked lil babe and now she's a lanky lass who's nearly as tall as me. Eeek! I am loving every moment though x

  6. My little boy is starting school next year and cant wait to meet his buddy.
    It's such a cute thing to do ...


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