Saturday, October 23, 2010

oh what a night...

As you can probably guess by my late posting, the mother's night went well. Really well. The change of venue went down a treat, there was plenty of yummy food circulating, the people who spoke were really well received, and everyone frocked up and looked fabulous. There was even dancing thanks to my iPhone {seriously, anything those things can't do? I made up a party list of songs on its iPod and we had music through the night}.

And yes, before you ask, some people with a bung knee may have worn heels {teeny little mary janes - teeny}. And yes, some people with a bung knee may have danced {but you know, dancing these days is all about the arms - not the feet!}. And yes, said people may be needing to ice said knee - but gee, some things are worth it.

My fabulous friends made this all worthwhile. From C who found the venue, to J who sorted the speakers and introduced them all, to G and K who were the door beyatches from heaven to N who helped kick off the dancing - oh, it was a night alright.

Now, best get myself ready to do it all over again - at least I'm not organising tonight's function - I merely have to turn up and have fun!


  1. Sounds like a fab night! Im sure it was worth a sore knee :)

  2. glad you had such a great night...and here's to another this evening!

    hope your knee holds up to a little more dancing, Gill xo

  3. Am glad you had a brilliant time ... sounds like a lot of fun!!

  4. Thanks gals, it's always good when something surpasses your expectations. Everyone enjoyed themselves and are still talking about it. My knee's had a few grumbles, but I'm still standing!


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