Thursday, October 07, 2010

perfectly pretty

I'm just heading out to collect my gal from her sleepover party and then, at lunchtime, I'm off to pick up my sister-in-law and two neices. They're coming to stay for a few days which is very squee-worthy. Hopefully the weather will pick up, although I don't think the overcast sky will stop three girls from swimming up a storm.

I can't wait to see them all giggling away together, and to spend the time giggling and chatting with my sis-in-law. I'm sure there'll be a fair bit of plotting what we'll do when we head over to see them next time...

PS: This shot? Just because...


  1. What a wonderful day!

    x Felicity

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  2. Yippee, off to visit my sister tonight in Bowral, on my way to Sydney. We had 3 girls between us in 2001 & they are so close, nieces & cousins rock!! Love Posie

  3. gorgeous image...

    sounds like you are in for a great girly weekend...It is all about boys here, i have two boys, my friend has two boys....and sometimes I dream of a little more balance in the boy/girl thing...

    Enjoy yourself!


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