Monday, October 11, 2010

purple power

There's just something about the colour purple that screams strength to me. I don't know about you, but I'm extremely influenced by colours. Even though navy and white are a classic combination I still can't wear them as they remind me of my school uniform and signify the opposite of elegance. In winter I love black and not because it's safe, or 'slimming' but because I think it's a truly striking colour when accessorised well.

In spring and summer I burst out in colours - the brighter and bolder the better. I'm also lusting after paler shades of peach and apricot and shall need to find at least one item in these colours.

Do you have a confident colour?


  1. I love colour. I feel good in forest green, red wine, purple and red. Can't wear apricot but can wear salmon. Also love navy, black, charcoal grey and chocolate brown. I would love to be blind and olive skinned to wear pastels. Charmaine.

  2. Emerald green and I are best friends. x

  3. I'm a black clothes girl, with an occasional splash out with pinks, purples & greens, but I love to surround myself with bright colours.

    Adore those shoes - they would work extremely well with my fave black dress!!

  4. Red - makes me want to click my fingers and dance flamenco

    Green brings out the sea goddess within

  5. I love purple!!! I have some shoes a bit like this but I don't get to wear them much sadly.


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