Friday, October 01, 2010


Open those diaries and circle 9am October 31 as Stella McCartney is designing a new range for Target. Yeah baby! Last time around I bought the most exquisite wool and cashmere jumper and swing coat and still love both of them to bits. Run - otherwise you'll be fashion roadkill.

And check out next week's Grazia magazine where selected pieces shall be featured. Squeeee!


  1. how fantastic and exciting! Now, I wonder if that will extend to Target Country as that is the only Target we have down the south west coast of WA!? Perhaps, a trip to perth is in order....Thank you for sharing this little piece of news with us all


  2. In the dairy. Thanks Charmaine

  3. I think a piece of me just fainted, another piece of me jumped for joy and then another scurried off to amend the budget appropriately. I LOVE Stella McCartney SO MUCH! YAY!

  4. Do you think Target Country in Bowral will stock?!

  5. Gill, I'd make the trip to Perth - early.

    Charmaine, yay!

    Sabrina, ah, grazie.

    Cat, me too!!!

    Beth, hmmm, you might need a trip to the Big Smoke...

  6. I was first in line last time at our local Target. Preggers and all!


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