Sunday, October 10, 2010

sunny sundays - hurrah

It's a lovely sunny sunday today - which is lucky as we've quite a bit planned. We've just finished breakfast and soon we'll be heading off to the Darby Street Fair, followed by the Farmer's Markets and then off to Morpeth with the English rellos. We're also hoping to fit in a quick visit to our fave nursery just outside of Maitland - and, as I have nary a bottle of champers in the house, I think we'll need to stop off at Dan Murphys too.

Dinner will be something roasted from the Farmer's Markets. Love a Sunday roast.

What are your plans for the day?


  1. Sounds like a perfectly delightful Sunday!

    We were supposed to be sailing on my dad's boat, but a little girl with a high fever means we're on the couch and Skip is doing chores. Oh well.

  2. Yes, that sounds like my kind of Sunday. I'm baking and washing as it's very windy here and hubby's resting up after a knee op. My slowcooker is on, I've baked already, and I'm baking some more.

    I'm filled with optimism because..SCHOOL GOES BACK TOMORROW!!! yay.

  3. Glad Skip was doing the chores!x

    Ouch Liss, I empathise with your hubby! x

  4. Your day sounds wonderful!! I love a farmers market and the nursery - heaven!! Hope the roast was yummy!


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