Wednesday, October 27, 2010

what's cooking wednesday

Sorry for my tardiness - I seemed to have some 24 hour virus thing that was thankfully resolved with a nap until lunchtime {I swear my body puts these things on just to force me to sleep...}

Anyway, here's what's on the menu this week.

Tonight: Dad and step-mother are visiting - so salmon on the bbq with some salads. Yum.
Thursday: hubby and I are off to see Sarah Blasko performing at the beautiful Civic Theatre. Le sigh. Sister-in-law and her two gals are babysitting. I think mini hamburgers made with chicken mince burgers {s.i.l. doesn't eat red meat} will go down a treat.
Friday: Out to dinner with friends. Hurrah. We're checking out the East End Enoteca - a place I've heard quite the buzz about on Twitter. It's an Italian-inspired place with a Family Table policy - small meals shared around groups. With options such as peppered venison and scampi and yabbies those plates won't want to be placed in front of me as I'll be ever-so-inclined to be greedy!
Saturday: Nothing planned. Hurrah. I think we'll have a salad with poached chicken breasts, crunchy prosciutto, poached eggs and cos lettuce {yep, does sound like a caeser salad doesn't it?}
Sunday: Roast night. Standing rib roast of beef appeals.
Monday: Twilight Netball Night: San choy bow with turkey mince perhaps {I'm woefully remiss when it comes to cooking with turkey - but thanks to Frilly Hills Liss I think I'll give it a shot.}
Tuesday: Pork cutlets will go down a treat after ballet don't you think? With an apple 'coleslaw' perhaps.

What are you nibbling on this week?


  1. What a yummy menu you have for the week!

    Enjoy Sarah Blasko tomorrow, she has the most amazing voice!

  2. Sarah Blasko. Enjoy.
    Glad you got rest and are feeling better. X

  3. Missed you PPMJ! Was checking your blog like a mad woman. Now am VERY hungry, thank you. Italian place sounds fabulous...enjoy x

  4. I LOVE Sarah Blasko!!! Saw her last year and she was wonderful! I so wish I had your stamina in the kitchen. I live on salads and egg on toast. Very un-glamorous.

  5. Last night we had pork with white mustard sauce. Tonight we had flathead fillets with mashed potato and a green salad. Simple. Tomorrow? I'll now tomorrow. ;) xxx

  6. Yummy food .... and Sarah Blasko - gorgeous!!


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