Monday, November 29, 2010

classic wedges

These shoes have tickled my fancy this week. Classic suede wedges with a teeny bit of sparkle. Oh yes, I could see these adorning my feet quite nicely...

Now, onto important things. Harry Potter. Saw it yesterday. LOVED. I screamed, I squealed, I held my breath, I sighed, I cried - I coveted Helena Bonham Carter's curls... {and the wardrobe of 90 per cent of the female cast when dressed formally. Oh. My. WORD!}

Today? Oh it's a grey, miserable monday of course. Luckily my gal has her theatre rehearsal today and I have an article to write that I've been researching all weekend. So I'll knuckle down, then get her all ready for the chance to dance on a beautiful stage. Only a week till the concert - I just can't wait!


  1. Love those, would be great for so many occasions.

  2. Mmmmm, I do so love these classic black wedges... yes please! Not sure if I've stopped in to comment before, but just thought I'd drop by and say hello and let you know how much I enjoy your blog...especially love getting a fix of some gloriously drool worthy shoes that a girl (like me) loves to dream of! My gal is in a play this week too...can't wait...she's one of the narrators. Hope you have a great week : )

  3. Love the wedges - perfect!

    Also saw Harry yesterday, agree with you on every comment about the film, esp loved Ginny's dress for the wedding, what a sweet scene that was! Now we have to wait for part 2!
    What happened to our beautiful weather, although driving down scenic drive last night about 11pm & smelling the weather roll in, guessed that this was coming!

  4. After reading your post today I can't wait to see Harry Potter tomorrow!

  5. Fabulous classic wedge with sparkle choice, PPMJ. Perfect for wearing to see the latest Hazza installment, although, sigh, I am getting a little bit bored with it all. Thank god for cute pixie cuts keeping my interest in the trio alive! x

  6. What gorgeous wedges!
    I have recently purchased 2 pairs of wedges, both in red.
    My first and favourite pair are Dejango and Juliette, red suede with a big red rosette on the toe, just gorgeous.
    the second are a red sling back peep toe with cork wedge sole by I love Billy. Very summer and cute!
    Love a good wedge!

  7. Took me AGES to get in to the wedges but I love them now. I bought a suede grey pair earlier in the year which really lift every outfit. I love these and I adore a good ankle strap. :)


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