Tuesday, November 02, 2010

dark desires

Last night I finally fell prey to my curiosity and watched Dating In The Dark. Have you seen it? The premise is that six singles, three guys, three girls, hole up in a mansion and only get to meet each other in complete darkness. They chat, they flirt, they kiss, they snuggle - in the dark. There's a psychological profiler who assesses each character and ultimately they get matched up with someone and they can finally 'see' each other.

You know where this is going don't you? Last night the obnoxious, angry girl with great hair but little else to sell her was mouthing "Please be hot, please be hot" before her guy was revealed. Was he hot? He was not. He looked nice, he seemed lovely, in the dark they bonded, she liked the way he kissed, but in the end she left him on the balcony while she walked out the door with bags packed.

Devastating. This show is the ultimate in rejection, "Hey, I like you in the dark, but in the light - hell no". I'm surprised more episodes don't end with participants attempting to plunge from the balcony.

It's hideous, but it also reveals why so many of these people are single. They're waiting for the spark, the fire, the butterflies - all perfect harbingers of lust, but love, maybe not so much. Sure, you want the attraction, the 'cor, cute butt'. Do you get that in 30 seconds? Hardly. And if you do, does that last? Hopefully these people will watch the show and see what they've missed out on. Then they might realise that if they truly are after a relationship that'll last long after the cute hair has receded, that tight bod has loosened, looking a little deeper may be the only option.


  1. She so deserves to be single forever - and she's gonna be unless she cuts the superficiality and starts searching for a true 'in the dark' bond.

    Awful show. I won't even go there. Not one bit curious. My only question is: why do people go on it!?!?!?

    (I saw an ad last night for '3 fat brides and skinny dress' and I'm going in...) x

  2. Oh, I wish I hadn't succumbed - but at least it gave me blog fodder.

    3 fat brides and a skinny dress? Eep. Good luck, you'll have to tell me all about it!

  3. Lord. Do you know that in high school, I actually knew Nolan from various activities, etc (we were in diff schools & diff cities) and I HATED HIM. Funny that some 8-ish years later we walked down the aisle. I can even say that as I got to know him as an adult, I thought to myself repeatedly, "Thank goodness we didn't like each other before." Because honestly, we probably would have broken up or been horrid to each other due to that early 20;s uncontrollable impulse to be completely rotten to at least one person you are linked to romantically.

    But this show does sound like fodder for suicides or raging schizo homicidal tendencies. I reckon you might even actually be able to use it as a defense in a court room. "Your plea?" "Not guilty by reason of being driven deranged from being on this show." "The verdict is not guilty. Reason is that the bitch had it coming."

  4. Once again Sara Rose you have me nodding my head in agreement and snorting coffee out my nose {mind you, I finished said coffee over an hour ago...}

  5. Sounds like a terrible show...a real ego crusher!

  6. Sounds terrible. Yuck. I only hope she see's it and realizes how crazy it was to walk away from a real connection.

    Sigh. Reality TV.

  7. The girls on this show are so much more superficial then the guys. And the guys are not ugly, they are just not good looking enough.

    These women are probably wondering why they are still single? They are just letting some nice guys pass them that don't fit into their ideal.


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