Tuesday, November 16, 2010

excuse me while i rob a bank...

After a six-year hiatus Tom Ford has returned to designing women's wear.

Oh, yeah!


  1. Tom Ford costs as much as an actual Ford, so how are his designs enhancing my world? They just make me lust after something I can never have... ANOTHER overpriced wardrobe item I can never have. So, thanks Tom Ford, I did not miss you one little bit. x

  2. I LOVE that white suit! :D

  3. Oh LizeyLou, I wish. My budget's more for his perfumes {which I ADORE!}.

    Maxabella, they certainly do. But I don't look upon this type of clothing as an unaffordable luxury - I consider it art - and I'm happy to just look at art and don't need to own it.

    Emily - precious isn't it? And they're all accessorised perfectly with Mr Tom Ford himself. Love!


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