Friday, November 26, 2010

fabulously friday

Hurrah, oh weekend, I do love you so. We've got another busy one planned. Tonight my niece is coming down and we're baking and decorating the cake for her son's birthday party tomorrow. The gorgeous little fella will be one so he's having a nemo-themed party. Bless. There will be fondant, there will be painted fondant, there will be fondant formed into seaweed... Wish us luck...

Saturday afternoon we have his party, which, as it starts at 4pm will take us into the evening. Then on Sunday afternoon I'm finally off to see Harry. I know!!! I'm also giving the new Gold Class cinemas a whirl which I'm really looking forward to.

In between there shall also be swimming. Ahhhhhhhhh.


  1. Gold Class is the best! Enjoy Harry Potter! I think I'm going to wait till next weekend to see it. Cannot wait.

    Have fun at the Nemo party too :)

  2. Have a lovely weekend hun!
    We have Miss L's 10th birthday partyX

  3. That sounds like a great weekend! I'm DYING to go to the movies!

  4. I have been MIA this week. DOn't even know where to lay you some love I have missed that many posts :( All seems okay (except poor baby girls' tooth. Ouch!) No Harry Potter review????

  5. Did you like HP??? I really did! Hope the party was fab. xx


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