Friday, November 05, 2010

friday flowers from faraway

Oh, c'mon, where's Spring? It's 15 degrees at the moment, a cold 15 degrees. It poured rain all night and it's all grey and soggy-looking again today.

So I thought I'd take myself {and you} back to a perfect spring in the South of France. It's hard to find anything that's not picture-perfect in France. Even in the ugly villages {yes, it's true, there are some ugly villages in France, just one or two} there are still window boxes overflowing with red and pink geraniums, roadside roses and those gorgeous shutters. And if there's a wall, chances are that there'll be a vine growing up it.

I love it how the French take every opportunity to make things special. Can you imagine a French family bolting down dinner in front of the telly? {Sure, maybe they do - but boy, it'd be a secret}. No, instead meals are to be celebrated. Foods are prepared with love, and eaten with pleasure.

And homes are to be decorated with love, and lots of flowers.

Sounds like the right idea to me...


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