Friday, November 12, 2010

friday flowers from favourite places

I love this shot of my wee lassie in a garden down in the Southern Highlands. I'm pretty sure she was about six here - and very into striking a pose - bless her socks.

And look at those tulips... Sigh.

Busy day today. I'm catching up with a friend from real life who became a bloggy friend - Corinne from Daze of My Life {I know, it's normally the other way round isn't it!}. I'm finally over my illness so we're off to the beach for coffee, chatting and watching her gals play on the sand. Thankfully it's a beautiful day in Newcastle today - I hope the whales come out to play!

Then I'm taking my niece pressie shopping. She's 16 and I'm taking her to get something fabulous in the make-up department for her formal next week - one gorgeous lipstick, nail polish or eye shadow - and we'll probably play around with other stuff while we're there.



  1. Oh I KNOW that place. I believe it's up for sale at the moment too..!

    Have a great glad that you are feeling better at LONG last! I am dropping Daise at preschool then having a quiet day with my number 2 before back for pick ups. Very boring and exactly what I need.

    Have a GREAT weekend x

  2. It's gorgeous isn't it? Most of my flower shots are from down your way...

    Enjoy your day - sounds blissful. Corinne and I will raise a coffee cup to you this morning {9am meeting's too early for champagne - especially after an illness} xx

  3. What a magical photo. She is beautiful.

    Enjoy your day. X

  4. What a lovely morning it was! That coffee was really good too, almost as good as champagne!

    Thanks do much!! Xxx


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