Monday, November 08, 2010

hello photoshop fairies

Unless Jessica Alba is wearing one of Mr Pearl's fabulous corsets I find it very hard to believe that her waist is just marginally wider than her thigh.

Jeez louise.


  1. Ha ha - what a funny post! Maybe she's had a few ribs removed?

  2. Who is it meant to appeal to? I just don't get it.

  3. Quite incredible isn't it? I mean the hourglass figure is spectacular but surely that can't be right!

  4. I just laugh at this sort of stuff these days. These women all look like jessica rabbit. At least they have curves again - remember when they were painting in washboard abs a few years back!?!

  5. What a crazy world we live in - Surely this doesn't make her look sexy??? To me it just looks like she is hungry!!

  6. And a few internal organs I'd imagine MelbaToast!

    Beth - I know, she's already teensy, don't make me feel like a ginormous heffalump by skinnifying the already teeny!

    MM, I know, she's making the cartoon Barbie I saw on the weekend seem normal in relation.

    Kate, yep, some things never seem to change...

    Maxabella, laughing's better than crying. I tend to ignore it, but this is just crazy.

    Lizeylou, I imagine there are a lot of rumbling tummies in Hollywood!

  7. WHY!? is that question that comes to mind, why would they do that. Jessica Alba = Awesome body. All fit and toned and stuff. It seems ridiculous and unnecessary.

  8. Barbies at least have tatas. I remember after she had her daughter, she made this HUGE thing in American mags anyhow about how she was committed to losing every bit of the weight she gained and making sure her figure was 'even better than before I had a kid'. It makes me sad when people are SO DESPERATE for that form of validation. It also makes the rest of us, even those of us at normal, healthy weights,look like, yes, heffalumps.

    I ;personally think she doesn't even look like a woman. She looks like a kid playing 'sexy dress up time' or some such thing.


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