Wednesday, November 24, 2010

lip service

I do not do nude lips. I need some gloss, some balm, or, when the fancy takes me - lipstick. Ordinarily I'm a lipstick at night and a gloss or tint during the day kinda gal. Lipstick feels too heavy for daytime. But allow me to introduce you to my new paramour.

These Benefit Full-Finish Lipsticks are so creamy and delicious that you'll want to sleep in them. Now I just so happen to have found the perfect summer pink - Pillow Talk - oh, it's pretty. It looks bright and rosy, and on your lips it just so happens to morph into the ideal summer shade that brings a fresh glow to your entire face. I am in love.

Benefit always win me over with their foxy packaging - and these were no different. The matt black with white polkadots on the box had me squealing with delight. A lippy costs $34 so when you do a cost-per-week factor taking in all your festive functions it's worth every penny.

Go on, give your face a fresh new look and check these out - you won't be sorry {ps: Saucy? You're the next shade on my list...}


  1. Sounds heavenly, might have to invest on a new lippy :)

  2. I'm getting my eyebrows done there tomorrow. I will take a look. X

  3. Bugger, was reading through and wanting a giveaway. I love benefit.

  4. Your blog is so pretty! I have only just found it.

    Benefit is my all time favourite make up brand. Living on a farm I can't get to "real shops" to buy it but have a strong online purchasing habit...

  5. These lippy's are deeply necessary to my life.


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