Friday, November 05, 2010

what's that don draper?


  1. Ahahahahahaha!

    Who knew he said it so often?

    Still, he is the sexiest man around at the moment.

  2. What used to be my most hated word, but wow, he sure made it sexy!

  3. I’m gonna have to get myself some mad men dvds to see what all the fuss is about this show ☼

  4. Poor Don seems awfully confused about a lot of things. Still delicious though :)

  5. Bahahahahahahahaha. C'mon Don! Get it together!

  6. That is a crack up! Has the man no manners? Pardon? Who is writing this stuff?

    What a fab show huh?

  7. Kelly, would you believe that I've barely seen an episode? I'm scared to in case my already ridiculous Jon Hamm and Christina Hendrieks obsessions grow to obscene levels!

    Kerrry - um, yep!

    Rianna, he wouldn't be half as much fun if he did!

    MM, I don't think they did manners back then - well, for blokes like him anyway...

  8. I spend my life telling the Tsunamis "say pardon" everytime they say "what", but now I'm thinking... well... what?

    With you on the Christina Hendrieks thing. I haven't seen the show either, but I really, really want to. x

  9. I am going to replay this. A lot. I ♥ Jon Hamm and Christina Hendrieks so much.

    For anyone that hasn't watched, you MUST. It's TV at its atmospheric best.

  10. LOVE it! may have been rolling around in hysterics/drooling at the same time.
    john hamm is just ridiculous at looking good.

  11. LOVE it! I have only just seen this!

    You know my obsession with Jon Hamm and all things Mad Men. I'm starting to get a little antsy as the season is almost over... a whole year without any new Mad Men. What will I do???

    Goosey was on my lap as I played this and she said "Why is that man saying what?'


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