Tuesday, November 16, 2010

make a new plan, stan

Are you a planner or do you prefer spontaneity? I used to adore being spontaneous, until I realised it also meant disorganised, messy, stressed and unreliable {for me}. So over the years I've established a series of plans to help me try to streamline my life.

My favourite is my weekly meal-planning. Honestly, spending five minutes a week planning what I'm going to cook {probably took me 30 minutes when I started, but it gets easier over time} saves me so much time, stress and energy - and helps us eat healthier.

My Christmas Card list will be a saviour this busy festive season. It's simply a word document with all the names and addresses of everyone I send cards to. Each year I update any details as they come to hand {new babies, change of address} and if I don't receive a card in return, and I'm merely sending them out of obligation - I drop them off the list.

I also make up a master list of gifts: who we're buying for, and options to buy, and where. You know I hate shopping, so this means I can dash in, go to two or three shops and knock over all the shopping in one session. Sweet.

What plans to have set in place to make life easier?


  1. Ah coming on here and stealing smart ideas from you! Great ideas. I still think your going on holidays checklist is the BEST thing I have ever heard of! I am yet to implement, but plan on doing so. Thanks for some more GREAT ideas.

  2. My husband got me onto this, (the food list)and now I love it 'cos it saves money too and stops me from getting boring with meals. When you write down spaghetti bol every week; you realise that you need to mix it up a bit. lol! :)

  3. I'm very organised and love my lists. Especially at this time of year xx

  4. Lists, lists, lists. I love lists!

  5. I need to be a planner. I have just started lists and I am addicted!! X


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