Friday, November 12, 2010

my hero

I ♥ Helena so.


  1. I thought I was alone in loving this kooky 'F U' lass. She's FABUUULOUS!

    (and I adore that colour.)x

  2. Got to give girlfriend props for taking some fashion risks. They don't always pay off but she makes it more exciting than the same sleek looks we see again and again from all the same stylists!

  3. I was slightly baffled at first glance because I honestly thought she was Janet Jackson. Then I thought, "Nobody in the world considers that woman their personal hero" and took a second look. I must say that that color of purple is stunning with her skin tone.

  4. Oh no Maxabella, I love her from the tip of her amazing hair down to her crazily-shod toes!

    Jacki, absolutely. If I see one more boring frock on the red carpet I'll yawn myself to death.

    Sara Rose, that's HYSTERICAL! And yep, am loving both that colour and her English Rose complexion.


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