Thursday, November 18, 2010

pink peonies: so pretty

My desk is currently overwhelmed with prettiness thanks to my beautiful bunch of peonies. Oh, they are just the most incredible flower. I love their tightly budded heads - so tight that you can't imagine how on earth they possibly hold so much promise inside - and then, when they bloom, oh it's magnificent.

Yesterday I was doing some work, and my gal sat beside me filling out her Christmas cards {all the gals in her class get a card so she wanted to get started early - and actually finished!} and I heard this funny little sound. I looked over and realised it was my peony unfurling!!!!! We actually sat and watched it, like some macro-time-elapsed photography on a wild-life documentary - but in real life. Absolutely magical.

I don't buy flowers often enough, even though they bring me such joy. I think I need to rectify that.


  1. oh, me too. They are my favourite flower, and I was literally beside myself with excitement when I was lucky enough to nab the last bunch at the flower markets last weekend. They are currently being their glorious selves in the middle of my dining table. I smile every time I walk past :) Jenx

  2. Having admired them for so long I have never actually been 'up close and personal' with one of these beauties.

    Fancy actually seeing one unfurl, like a beautifully perfumed flower-cracker.

    Felicity x

  3. They're my favourite flower too. I love them so much. I really want to order a bunch for myself but it seems a bit too self-indulgent.... Maybe I should drop a few hints to my husband...

  4. Peonies are my favourite - just beautiful. You have inspired me to buy myself some flowers in the morning!

  5. Peonies are beautiful.

    I am going to add them to my garden.

    Your desk would be darling to work at. X

  6. Wow that is a wonderful moment. Charmaine

  7. SO pretty. Le sigh I did not get to Chinoserie today...the baby! Got lost! CRANKY. Anyway...perhaps next week!

  8. I need to get me some of them fine things


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