Thursday, November 18, 2010

rachel zoe is pregnant

As soon as I saw this photo over at Crazy Days and Nights I knew. After watching the show last night and seeing Rachel's terrifyingly skinny chest I couldn't imagine how she'd actually be carrying enough weight to menstruate, but she's just confirmed on Twitter that she's pregnant. And look at this shot - no, not the tummy, the chest - not airbrushed and there are no visible bones.

Wow, Rodger must be over the moon and I hope it all goes well for them...


  1. she'll be interesting to see in 6 months... when the botox wears off!

    i was equally confused when nicole ritchie got pregnant the first time. even when she was pregnant she kind of looked like a famine victim.

  2. I hope she gets therapy while she's pregnant so this kid has a fighting chance of not going psycho from having her as a mother.

    She looks like a prune-y 13 year old who got knocked up and used too much tan lotion, currently.

  3. Doesn't she look great in this pic!! After watching Rodger holding that baby last night ... will be interesting to see how they go! Hope it means she slows down a bit - but imagine the wardrobe that bubbie will get if it's a girl - I die!!

  4. Nicole, every episode I try to work out what she did with her face. Can't be botox - her crevices were too deep. I'm thinking serious fillers, possibly even permanent ones. And yep, forgot about Nicole Richie...

    Sara Rose, I reckon Rodger's okay, I'm sure he'll do most of the parenting.

    Lizeylou, I got all teary for Rodger last night, particularly as the pregnancy was only confirmed this morning.


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