Monday, November 01, 2010

a red hot start to the week

After the somewhat frustrating and annoying nature of the last few weeks I'm determined to start this one off well. And what better way to start off a Monday than with a pair of lipstick red Ferragamo heels?


So, how was your weekend? Ours was fabulously jam-packed. The Halloween Party last night was a success. 10 kids all costumed up went around the neighbourhood trick or treating at homes that were decorated to show they were interested {oh, and some of the decorations were incredible - I'll have to post them later!}. The kids had so much fun wandering the streets {with us mums as a close distance to help them cross roads and to yell out "Don't forget to say 'thank you!'"} and they all came back for a swim and a snack afterwards. Bliss.

Sure Halloween's an American tradition, but it's an excuse to dress up and for kids to have fun, so I'm happy with that. Also, it's an opt-in or opt-out event. If you're keen, decorate a Jack O Lantern and pop it out the front, if not, then ignore the pesky knocks on the door.

Enjoy your Monday, and your week!

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  1. Love those shoes. I am convinced you and I were sisters in a past life!!!
    We enjoyed Halloween. It was the first year Miss L wanted to go with her friends and their adult son. She had a ball.
    Mr.Kypo and I took Master N. He was adorable.
    We had a storm. It was kind of freaky as it was Halloween.


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