Thursday, November 04, 2010

serendipitous shopping

For my gal's ballet concert this year she has to supply one costume: a 30s-orphanage-esque outfit for a performance of Annie. So straight after school yesterday we hit the Salvos. And paydirt. We found the most divine gunmetal grey dress, that when accessorised with torn stockings and falling down socks will look perfect - but will also look fab afterwards accessorised with tights and cute beads. For $5! Then, in the same section we found a gorgeous Industrie sunfrock, white with stripes of pink and orange - again $5. Standing at the register waiting to pay my head swiveled around behind me until my little eye happened to spy - a set of Boules! In a box! Pristine!!

I snavelled them up and the girl behind the counter delightedly said, "Oooh, you're buying these". Apparently she'd only put them out mere minutes before. Destiny? I think so.

I know what we're doing this summer - picnics and petanque tournaments. Oh yeah!


  1. LOVE when that happens. Just fills your heart with joy...nothing like some good cheap shopping. YAY!

    OH about serendipitous...guess what my word verification is? PARIESS.

    Pariess! LOVE. Thank you goggle.

  2. We LOVE Salvos. Sooo many treasures are found.
    We LOVE petanque!
    Such a great family game.

  3. I love it when that happens! Nothing better. Except maybe a good game of boules!

  4. Oh yeah indeed! What a sublime day's shopping.

  5. That is my favourite sort of shopping. Not only at a bargain price but a lovely, spontaneous surprise (the boules) to top it off!

  6. Boules is my absolute favourite, especially when accompanied by a chilled bottle of rose!
    Have fun!

  7. I really need to get better at scavenging thrift stores, etc., because it totally seems like everybody BUT me finds good stuff!

    Combien est ce que, je frustre redresse? (I think my tenses may be wrong in that statement, hmmm.)

    Somebody please give me a tutorial! *AHA MOMENT!!!* That could be your guest post on my blog, Linda lovely! You could give a guide for successful thrift/op-shop scavenging! TO ME!!! I am tremendously excited by this idea!


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