Monday, November 15, 2010

sparkly season

Are you starting to feel all festive? I know I am. Not so much as the people around the corner who put their Christmas Tree up two weeks ago {I know!} - but still, festive.

That's why I've chosen this pair of shoes as the Shoe of the Week. A pair of spangly, sparkly Jimmy Choo pretties would be just the thing to trip trap through Christmas parties galore don't you think? As I work from home, I shan't be having a Christmas Party this year. Perhaps I need to plan one for next year though... And wear these shoes...


  1. Great shoes, lovely sounds like we have much in common!

    Best wishes,


  2. Too good for parties, best kept on the carpet, wear them while you vacuum.

  3. Ooh very, very sparkly.

    And seriously I thought Christmas trees didn't go up until 1 December not 1 November. and that's only if the children are very lucky!

  4. I am actually starting to feel rather festive. I think I'm so excited this yeay because my daughter is now two so will love Christmas this year. She's already obsessed by Christmas trees!

  5. oh yes, like ClaireH said, wear them while you vacuum! Nothing wrong with a bit of festive housework

    I am JUST starting to feel the first stirring of festive spirit...I am looking for a New Year's outfit at the moment (it will be my first proper night out since my second son was born - both boys going to grandparents for the evening so there will be no need to rush home to relieve babysitters...YAY!)

    Gill xo


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